TCL Developer Studio

Now, I am working on the second version of my TCL Developer Studio. Main changes from first version is using BWidget instead of Tix, support for much more languages (not only Tcl/Tk), plugin structure. at this moment is in early stage of development. It is not beta, it is not alpha, it is something like pre-alpha version! If you download it don't expect what it works fine :) But it is quite usable and I use it in my work.

The main reason, why I put it here - I need to know - is anybody need it? I don't have a lot of time for working on it, but I will know what people need it - I try to spend some more time. Also, may be anybody will want to help my in development - it will very good! Unfortunatelly - where are no any developer documentation (also as user documentation) :) But if somebody will join to development - it will an additional reason for doing it faster.

Main Features


Here, you can download last state of TclDeveloper Studio

It is requires:

Attention: I do not test it under Windows! Only under Unix (Linux/PC). But I hope, it should works! :)

After downloading you should unpack it in any directory you thant. For using "statusbar applets" you should copy .statusbar file to ~/.tcldev2.cfg directory. If you don't do it, you wont be able to use them (current position applet, clock applet and so on)

Any bugs and comments: My homepage is: